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full refunds due to product quality issues are allowed no more than five days after receiving the product – justification and proof must be provided – we list only verified well-tested products from China and want to make sure you fully are satisfied with the initial delivery quality and item longevity. all sales are then final. you can email us directly should you have any issues: [email protected] 


by visiting our website and proceeding through checkout you agree to this terms page. all customer cache data is purged every 24 hours. we use basic geo-tracking cookies to auto select the currency price and clear them from your device after 24 hours of not visiting our website


we take this seriously and only collect the minimal amount of data as possible such as your name, email, and shipping address. the sensitive payment data is encrypted end to end with military-grade tunnels and is instantly deleted (never stored) after we confirm your payment. see more in security below. also note we never sell or share your data with third-parties, we also don’t email spam you (other than for emailing the tracking details) or send annoying “coupon” emails


the server automatically grabs the mainland China vendor price and would apply any discounts in the active visible list price, therefore we don’t ever have any advertised “sale” prices as the price data is already at the best delivery rate. all prices shown include delivery, tax, and import, so there is no hidden costs or calculations during checkout. we also compare the price to amazon prime rate in the descriptions tab for your reference in the savings comparison. payment currency options can be selected, and the rate and inventory is then updated in real time


we use DNS-SEC and AES-256. which is military grade data encryption. this way the resolved DNS pathway to our server is always genuine. every time you enter you can be confirmed you are visiting our genuine page and your payment data cannot be spoofed or skimmed by third parties or nefarious actors


you will not hold us liable for any harm, misuse, or damage resulting thereof from the proper or improper use of the products listed on this website or from information on our website. website information is exactly that, we do not promise any scientific, legal, or truth in the written language. buyer beware, and no buyers remorse allowed. we withhold all product liability and provide no warranty from HurryUP AI or the China mainland manufactures. by visiting our website or purchasing the products you agree to this page and to not hold us liable for any financial loss, physical property and health damages, remorse or dissatisfaction, data breach or loss, or arbitration and prosecution costs by engaging with our website. we reserve the right to modify this page at any time, and suggest you print a copy for your records. our entity is bound by Canadian law and the Charter of Rights and Freedom. the review comments can be aggregated from other websites offering the exact same product, and may be subject to moderation at our sole discretion. our security team also reserves the right to ban certain visitors or countries from accessing our website without justifiable cause. we reserve the right to cancel and refund any order should the shipping destination cost be too high or for other reasons


“Hurry Up China” is our Canadian and US goods trademark, © HurryUP AI, Ltd., a Canadian Federal entity. Use of our mark in any global commerce is not allowed without written consent. the domain .com was an original company registration. any remaining marks on this website are copywrite their respective owners


this site is operated by our authorized affiliate abods tech inc from ontario, canada, a for-profit entity founded in 2017. the trade-mark is owned by hurryup ai, ltd. and manages all the vendor listings and customer relations from our canadian facilities and is the website designer, service-master, and responsible payment security party. they operate and monitor the inbox 24/7 and typically reply within maximum 6 hours to all inbound emails


any formal business, legal, or general inquiry communication may be emailed to our only advertised public email of: [email protected] PGP_pub

Ver 1.0b issued 28-JUL-19 07:21 UTC