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Welcome to Hurry Up China TM Canada / U.S.A

The owner of the store, is a second generation Canadian, engineer, and business person, who was living in Beijing, China during a research venture at the University of Science and Technology Beijing – where one learned about the Chinese culture, and made the initial business praters with the mainland suppliers.

Every product listed comes straight form China, and we pass on the savings directly to you. We pride ourselves on price transparency, quality, and service, of only modern products that are useful. We hope you enjoy your shopping time here – we have a fast, easy, and ultra-secure website for you to use. You can checkout without making an account, and we support every payment option including Apple and Google Pay. Also, we never send spam emails or annoying coupon codes! All our products are already listed at the best available delivery price.

The idea for Hurry Up ChinaTM comes from a Family Guy episode the owner remembers watching over 5 years ago back in university:

The owner purchased the web domains all as fresh registrations, when founding HurryUp AI, Ltd.

not responsible for undercooked shrimp! haha (but don’t worry we will look after you)

Thanks for visiting! Now hurry up and go buy something awesome!

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